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Random Song Player

This player will play songs randomly. When one song completes, a new random song will be selected and played. Click the "New Random Song" button to change songs. Note that several songs have been excluded from the random song player due to incompatible file hosting or file format. These incompatible files are listed below.

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The following content entries are not compatible with the random audio player.

Axial Color Blur (AudioJungle)
Digital Effects Pack (AudioJungle)
Inner City (AudioJungle)
Mechanical Graveyard (AudioJungle)
Modern Space Logo (AudioJungle)
Mystic Cave Loop (AudioJungle)
Nutz and Boltz (AudioJungle)
Playtime for Perry
Rat Race (Audiojungle)
Rover (AudioJungle)
Safari Rock (AudioJungle)
Space Race (AudioJungle)
Spring Step (AudioJungle)
Summer Cycle (AudioJungle)
Super Spies (AudioJungle)
Synth Pop Loop (AudioJungle)
The Fallen Hero (AudioJungle)
The Waterfall for Violin and Piano
Twilight Village (AudioJungle)
Garden Quarters
Logic Ambience
Shooting Star
Shadowgate Nightmare (Extended Version)
Shadowgate Nightmare
Evening Bells (wav) (69.7 MB)
Town of Maniba (wav) (25.43 MB)
Town of Maniba Piano (wav) (36.27 MB)
At Sea Piano (midi).mid
Diracs Equation Piano (midi).mid
Evening Bells Piano (midi).mid
Evening Bells Piano (seperated hands).mid
Sunshine through the Snowstorm Piano (midi).mid
Town of Maniba Piano (midi).mid
2012 Christmas Day Tide Pools
How NOT to Suck at Making Films by Nick Chaffey
Project VGM
Star Splash by SnailsAnimation
The Elephant by Hikarian

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