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Finished in 2011 - Run time: 35:46
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Some of my newest junk. These had sort of a common feel so I arranged them into
album form. Mostly upbeat electronic / rock stuff. Some of the song writing gets a
little dull on this one, but I think this is some of my best mixing yet.

01 - Sky Blue
02 - Pop Garbage
03 - Disconnected (Alternate Version)
04 - Utopia
05 - Float
06 - Saturn
07 - Frozen in Time
08 - Shades of Green (Alternate Version)
09 - Mud
10 - Slow Motion

Soundtrack for a Nervous Breakdown

Finished in 2010 - Run time: 26:40
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Cover Art

The theme of this one is dark and eerie. Its very soundtrack oriented like most
of my other works. The thing that made this project particulary interesting for me
was the idea of doing "micro songs." I thought it might be fun to do an album with
twenty or so short songs instead of ten full length songs.

01 - The Cage
02 - Pretty Ugly
03 - Counting the Minutes
04 - Black and White
05 - Ghost House
06 - The Game
07 - Time Machine
08 - In the Dark
09 - Dungeon
10 - Mistaken
11 - Thought Machines
12 - Happy Time
13 - Capillary Red
14 - Closed Eyes
15 - You Don't See Me
16 - Swarm
17 - Breaking the Cage
18 - Sorry

Acoustic EP

Finished in 2010 - Run time: 21:48

I landed a good bit of time off work when my second son was born. I was on a
big acoustic guitar recording kick at the time and this is the result. Six songs
I arranged into ep form. Overall I'm fairly happy with the way these turned out.

01 - First Snow
02 - Oneironaut
03 - River Cycles
04 - Run
05 - Spinning Rocks
06 - Dark Shores of Hyrule (Koji Kondo cover)

Avoiding Analog Reality

Finished in 2010 - Run time: 38:28
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Cover Art

This one is mostly digital with a little guitar thrown in here and there. It contains some
of my very favorite songs. It takes inspiration from some of the great video game music composers.
I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.

01 - Dusty Chips (Intro)
02 - Pixel Puzzles
03 - Shades of Green
04 - Circus In The Sky
05 - At Sea
06 - Short Circuits
07 - In Reverse
08 - The Heat Wave Machine
09 - Star Machina
10 - Castle Peak
11 - Observatory

Looking Out From The Inside

Finished in 2010 - Run time: 42:14
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Cover Art

A lot of this one is post-rock inspired. A lot of it is kind of dark and eerie sounding. I kind of
bounce back and forth from liking this one to hating it.

01 - printf("Hello World");
02 - Invisible People
03 - Ivy
04 - Introvert's Utopia
05 - Dark Corner
06 - Synestesic Spectral Band
07 - Comfortable Right Hemisphere Domination
08 - Scenes of Destruction
09 - Digital Waltz


Finished in 2010 - Run time: 25:05
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This is by far my softest stuff. Its mostly real simple acoustic and electric guitar recordings. The mixing
and production on some of these is absolutely awful. Lots of background noise and out of tune spots.
I still like some of the songs on here though. Maybe some day I'll re-record them

01 - Memories Without Names (opening)
02 - Country Side Houses
03 - Favorite Places
04 - Clay
05 - Under A Dead Night Sky
06 - Spin
07 - Sunset (electric guitar version)

First Steps in a New World

Finished in 2010 - Run time: 51:45
Download full album from MediaFire
Cover Art

My first completed album. Not my favorite, but it was a huge milestone for me.
Most of it was written in 2009. I had just gotten to the point where I was finishing whole songs
when I started this. Most of this album was a struggle with the technical side of recording
and mixing. I learned most of the basics from writing this. Since then the writing and recording
process has gradually been getting more intuitive for me.

01 - Lucid
02 - Drilling the Surface
03 - Dust Spires
04 - Ghosts
05 - The Double Sun Effect
06 - Flying Octhedrones
07 - When The Rain Came
08 - Sunshine Through The Snow Storm
09 - Beehive
10 - The Moon and Gravity

Other Works

Most of these are from '09 and '10, but a few of them span way back to my teen years.
Some of them are pretty rough, some of them aren't even finished.

Town of Maniba (Piano, Mp3)
Town of Maniba (Piano, Midi)
Dirac's Equation
Dirac's Equation (Piano, MP3)
Dirac's Equation (Piano, Midi)
Fun House
The Machine in the Basement
Town of Maniba
Dusty Caverns
Untitled Song 1
Black and White
Circus in the Sky (chiptunes version)
Undefined Variables
Living Under a Rock
Paintings of War
Sunset (acoustic guitar version)
Sky Reform
The Waterfall
Useless Signals
Infiltrating the Evil Hotdog Factory
Float (no sea effects)
Smoke and Mirrors
Spinning Rocks (original version)
Disconnected (Original Version)
Nemo1 - The Escape
Nemo2 - In A Balloon Over the World

Covers / Remixes

Songs from other artists that I've remixed.

Tropical Wheel (Kirby's Epic Yarn cover)
Dark Shores of Hyrule (Zelda OoT cover)


Videos that I've made to go with my music.

Town of Maniba Piano Version with Synthesia
Compilation of Song Clips 1
Dirac's Equation with Hubble images
Dirac's Equation on piano Synthesia

Projects that have used my music

Here are some projects from other artists that have used my music.

Project VGM collaboration album
How Not to Suck at Making Films by Nick Chaffey

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