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The First Steps in a New World

Completed in 2010 - Run Time 51:45 - Download full album (46.28 MB)
Licensing: Free for non-commercial use, license required for commercial use
My first completed album. Not my favorite, but it was a huge milestone for me. Most of it was written in 2009. I had just gotten to the point where I was finishing whole songs when I started this. Most of this album was a struggle with the technical side of recording and mixing. I learned most of the basics from writing this. Since then the writing and recording process has gradually been getting more intuitive for me.

01 - Lucid
02 - Drilling the Surface
03 - Dust Spires
04 - Ghosts
05 - The Double Sun Effect
06 - The Flying Octhedrones
07 - When the Rain Came
08 - Sunshine through the Snowstorm
09 - Beehive
10 - The Moon and Gravity

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