Thanks for visiting! My name is Jonah. I'm a professional sound track composer for games and film. On this web site you'll find my commercial portfolio that is available for royalty-free use in commercial projects, as well as my free use music library available for use in any non-commercial project. I am also available for hired work! Check out the FAQ for more information.

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Older Works

In this section you will find most of my older work. While I'm really fond of a lot of these songs, the production quality in them is not up to a professional standard. This is the stuff I did when I was still learning the ins and outs of music mixing and recording. Regardless, most of them are available for commercial licensing at a really low price.

Acoustic EP
Avoiding Analog Reality
Looking Out from the Inside
Misc 2010 and back
Misc 2011
Piano Music
Soundtrack for a Nervous Breakdown
The First Steps in a New World

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